Affiliate programs

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UpPromote Affiliate Marketing for Shopify
UpPromote Affiliate Marketing
4.9 star
3,553 reviews
Developed by UpPromote

UpPromote - Affiliate, influencer, referral programs

RecomSale: Affiliate Marketing for Shopify
RecomSale: Affiliate Marketing
4.9 star
498 reviews
Developed by Channelwill

shopify affiliate app, best shopify affiliate app

Snowball: Affiliate Marketing for Shopify
Snowball: Affiliate Marketing
4.9 star
193 reviews
Developed by Social Snowball

Automated Affiliate Programs, Referral Programs, & Ambassadors

Affiliate Programs & Links —S4 for Shopify
Affiliate Programs & Links —S4
4.9 star
135 reviews
Developed by Shortly

Affiliate & Influencers Links - Shopify URL Shortener

AfterShip Referral&Affiliate for Shopify
AfterShip Referral&Affiliate
4.9 star
2,489 reviews
Developed by AfterShip & Automizely

Referral and Affiliate Marketing Tool - AfterShip Loyalty

Simple Affiliate for Shopify
Simple Affiliate
4.8 star
77 reviews
Developed by SA Inc.

Affiliate marketing with payment and 1099 tax automation

Shopify Collabs for Shopify
Shopify Collabs
2.8 star
211 reviews
Developed by Shopify

Shopify Collabs - Shopify's Influencer App

Referral Candy & Affiliate for Shopify
Referral Candy & Affiliate
4.9 star
2,146 reviews
Developed by ReferralCandy

ReferralCandy - Try Free For 14 Days

GOAFFPRO ‑ Affiliate Marketing for Shopify
GOAFFPRO ‑ Affiliate Marketing
4.8 star
1,827 reviews
Developed by GoAffPro

Goaffpro: Affiliate and Influencer marketing for your store

ReferrLy Affiliate Marketing for Shopify
ReferrLy Affiliate Marketing
5.0 star
800 reviews
Developed by Staqlab

Affiliate Program & Referral Program to track influencers sale

Jaka Affiliate Marketing for Shopify
Jaka Affiliate Marketing
5.0 star
64 reviews
Developed by

Boost your sales with our affiliate & referral program app.

BixGrow: Affiliate Marketing for Shopify
BixGrow: Affiliate Marketing
5.0 star
1,110 reviews
Developed by BixGrow

BixGrow - Affiliate Marketing

BLOOP Referral Program, Reward for Shopify
BLOOP Referral Program, Reward
5.0 star
97 reviews
Developed by MIDA (by BSS Commerce)

BLOOP Referral Program, Reward - Shopify App Store

SC Conjured Referrals for Shopify
SC Conjured Referrals
5.0 star
239 reviews
Developed by Shop Circle

Boost your Shopify brand's reach with referrals and rewards

Enlistly Affiliate, Influencer for Shopify
Enlistly Affiliate, Influencer
4.9 star
98 reviews
Developed by Brio Commerce

Run affiliate, referral and influencer marketing campaigns

Referral Program ‑ Shopjar for Shopify
Referral Program ‑ Shopjar
4.8 star
30 reviews
Developed by Shopjar

Shopify Referral App and Affiliate Marketing app

shopstar: Influencer Marketing for Shopify
shopstar: Influencer Marketing
5.0 star
20 reviews
Developed by Vetch

Influencers Reviews and affiliate sales for Shopify brands Affiliate Marketing for Shopify Affiliate Marketing
4.1 star
67 reviews
Developed by

Manage affiliates & influencers to acquire new customers

Influence ‑ Loyalty & Referral for Shopify
Influence ‑ Loyalty & Referral
4.5 star
22 reviews
Developed by

Loyalty points, rewards, & referrals to retain your customer

Toki: Loyalty + Memberships  for Shopify
Toki: Loyalty + Memberships
4.9 star
33 reviews
Developed by Toki

Earned Loyalty Rewards, Memberships + Referrals

Automizely Traffic & Ads  for Shopify
Automizely Traffic & Ads
4.8 star
730 reviews
Developed by AfterShip & Automizely

Drive Quality Traffic - Traffic and Ads Exchange

Jump: Affiliate Storefronts for Shopify
Jump: Affiliate Storefronts
4.9 star
63 reviews
Developed by Jump Shops Inc.

Premium Affiliate Marketing Tools

CSS Sales Team for Shopify
CSS Sales Team
4.8 star
93 reviews

Sales team

Affiliate & Ambassador Portal for Shopify
Affiliate & Ambassador Portal
4.9 star
121 reviews
Developed by ConvertOut

Easy affiliate marketing, ambassador & influencer management

ShareASale for Shopify
1.1 star
25 reviews
Developed by ShareASale

Sell more with our low cost, low risk affiliate solution.

BUZZ: Influencer & Affiliate for Shopify
BUZZ: Influencer & Affiliate
4.9 star
100 reviews
Developed by Buzzbassador

Buzzbassador Influencer Marketing Platform on Shopify

Afluencer Influencer Collabs for Shopify
Afluencer Influencer Collabs
4.9 star
46 reviews
Developed by Afluencer

Influencer Marketing for Shopify: Find Influencers Here

Squadded Affiliate & Video UGC for Shopify
Squadded Affiliate & Video UGC
4.3 star
15 reviews
Developed by Squad Experience Ltd

Squadded: Grow Shopify sales with Affiliation & UGC

Roster: Ambassador Marketing for Shopify
Roster: Ambassador Marketing
5.0 star
15 reviews
Developed by Roster Technologies

Influencer marketing & brand ambassadors - Roster

AOD External Links Button for Shopify
AOD External Links Button
4.9 star
57 reviews
Developed by Apps On Demand

Add Button to External links - Amazon,Walmart,Ebay | Affiliate

Rave: Referral, Affiliate, UGC for Shopify
Rave: Referral, Affiliate, UGC
5.0 star
14 reviews

Cash back referral for everyday shoppers & micro influencers

Puppet Vendors for Shopify
Puppet Vendors
4.7 star
105 reviews
Developed by Panther Commerce

Multi Vendor Commissions & Payouts Reporting

CJ Network Integration for Shopify
CJ Network Integration
4.9 star
9 reviews
Developed by CJ Affiliate

Advertiser integration with CJ's enhanced tracking solution

Affiliate Integrate "まるっと集客" for Shopify
Affiliate Integrate "まるっと集客"
4.3 star
104 reviews


Awin ‑ Affiliate Marketing for Shopify
Awin ‑ Affiliate Marketing
2.1 star
15 reviews
Developed by Awin Ltd

Awin: Affiliate Marketing

Refersion: Affiliate Marketing for Shopify
Refersion: Affiliate Marketing
4.6 star
1,012 reviews
Developed by Refersion, Inc.

Affiliate Marketing & Tracking Software | Refersion

Zonify ‑ Amazon Dropshipping for Shopify
Zonify ‑ Amazon Dropshipping
4.7 star
121 reviews
Developed by importify limited

Dropship Amazon products or earn Amazon affiliate commission

Affiliatly Affiliate Marketing for Shopify
Affiliatly Affiliate Marketing
4.5 star
130 reviews
Developed by Overcode

Affiliatly: Affiliate marketing solution for your store

CollabPay ‑ Vendor payouts for Shopify
CollabPay ‑ Vendor payouts
5.0 star
26 reviews
Developed by CollabPay

CollabPay - Automate Revenue Sharing & Vendor Payouts

Influencer Gift Form for Shopify
Influencer Gift Form
5.0 star
10 reviews
Developed by Magnuson Ventures

Influencer Gift Form

Kickbooster ‑ Affiliates for Shopify
Kickbooster ‑ Affiliates
4.6 star
27 reviews
Developed by Kickbooster Inc

Kickbooster - Affiliate & Referral Program

Webgains Affiliate Marketing for Shopify
Webgains Affiliate Marketing
1.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by Webgains Ltd

Grow your sales worldwide with the Webgains Affiliate Network

Agora ‑ Amazon Affiliate Tool for Shopify
Agora ‑ Amazon Affiliate Tool
4.5 star
6 reviews
Developed by Nuvo Software Pty Ltd

Add & manage Amazon Affiliate products on your store

1Click Referral Program for Shopify
1Click Referral Program
4.9 star
6 reviews
Developed by World Choice Software

Simply drive move sales with the automated referral program.

Referbi ‑ Affiliate Marketing for Shopify
Referbi ‑ Affiliate Marketing
5.0 star
9 reviews
Developed by Intobi

Referbi – The Affiliate Marketing Software 🏄🏻‍♂️

Everflow ‑ Partner Platform for Shopify
Everflow ‑ Partner Platform
5.0 star
10 reviews
Developed by Everflow

Track and Amplify your revenue from all channels

Gatsby: Growth From Community for Shopify
Gatsby: Growth From Community
5.0 star
132 reviews
Developed by Gatsby

Gatsby: Instagram Automations

Affitch ‑ アフィリエイト for Shopify
Affitch ‑ アフィリエイト
4.4 star
13 reviews
Developed by Tabi Palette Inc.

Affitch | 自社アフィリアプリ

linkr ‑ Influencer Marketing for Shopify
linkr ‑ Influencer Marketing
4.6 star
49 reviews
Developed by linkr GmbH

Work with influencers to promote and sell your products

Modash Influencer Marketing for Shopify
Modash Influencer Marketing
0 reviews
Developed by Modash

Find & verify creators for your influencer campaigns

GrowthHero Affiliate Marketing for Shopify
GrowthHero Affiliate Marketing
4.7 star
164 reviews
Developed by

Powerful 3-in-1 Partner Marketing Software

Tapfiliate Affiliate Marketing for Shopify
Tapfiliate Affiliate Marketing
4.5 star
4 reviews
Developed by Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate | Affiliate Tracking Software

AvantLink Merchant Tracking for Shopify
AvantLink Merchant Tracking
3.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by AvantLink

AvantLink Performance Marketing - We Help Grow Your Business

Ohana for Shopify
5.0 star
22 reviews
Developed by FF Ohana Limited

Join Ohana | Cross Promotion App for eCommerce

LoudCrowd: Affiliate & UGC for Shopify
LoudCrowd: Affiliate & UGC
5.0 star
6 reviews
Developed by LoudCrowd

Influencer & Affiliate Marketing with Shoppable Storefronts

Adtraction ‑ Partner Marketing for Shopify
Adtraction ‑ Partner Marketing
0 reviews
Developed by Adtraction

Adtraction - Leverage the power of partners to grow sales

Squaredance for Shopify
0 reviews
Developed by Squaredance


Dadao Affiliate Marketing for Shopify
Dadao Affiliate Marketing
5.0 star
2 reviews
Developed by Dadao

Influencer Affiliate Program

NestScale: Affiliate Marketing for Shopify
NestScale: Affiliate Marketing
5.0 star
4 reviews
Developed by NestScale

Easily create and manage affiliate programs to get more sales

PartnerBoost: Affiliate for Shopify
PartnerBoost: Affiliate
5.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by PERFORMDTC INC.

PartnerBoost: Affiliate & Influencer Marketing Solution

goodbuy for Shopify
4.9 star
50 reviews
Developed by goodbuy, Inc.

The small business override to mega-retailers.

GRIN Influencer Marketing for Shopify
GRIN Influencer Marketing
3.8 star
22 reviews
Developed by Grin, Inc.

A Creator Management platform designed for every brand journey

Gather: Refer a Friend for Shopify
Gather: Refer a Friend
5.0 star
36 reviews
Developed by Gather

Refer a Friend Programs

CodeADX–Promo Code Marketplace for Shopify
CodeADX–Promo Code Marketplace
0 reviews
Developed by CodeADX LLC

Commission based podcast ads. No upfront costs. $0 Risk.

TradeTracker Connect for Shopify
TradeTracker Connect
0 reviews

TradeTracker Connect extension

RedKangaroo: Organic Growth for Shopify
RedKangaroo: Organic Growth
5.0 star
3 reviews
Developed by RedKangaroo

Generate organic growth-reward customers to share/buy products

Momentum for Shopify
5.0 star
8 reviews
Developed by Momentum


LeadDyno Affiliate Marketing for Shopify
LeadDyno Affiliate Marketing
4.4 star
644 reviews
Developed by LeadDyno

LeadDyno - Affiliate Program Management Software

Commission Factory for Shopify
Commission Factory
0 reviews

Grow your sales with affiliates and influencers

Affiliate Marketing ‑ Afflr for Shopify
Affiliate Marketing ‑ Afflr
5.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by Afflr

Affiliate Marketing app for Shopify

Partnero Affiliate Management for Shopify
Partnero Affiliate Management
5.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by Partnero

Partnero | Affiliate Tracking Software For Shopify stores

Avelon Network for Shopify
Avelon Network
5.0 star
2 reviews
Developed by Avelon Network Ltd.

The modern affiliate platform for ecommerce businesses.

CreatorCommerce: Creator Shops for Shopify
CreatorCommerce: Creator Shops
5.0 star
2 reviews
Developed by CreatorCommerce Inc.

CreatorCommerce - Co-branded influencer/affiliate shops

The Influencer Seeding App for Shopify
The Influencer Seeding App
5.0 star
12 reviews
Developed by Kynship

Easily Send Your Product To Influencers In No Time

Growi: Affiliate Links (FREE) for Shopify
Growi: Affiliate Links (FREE)
0 reviews
Developed by Growi, Inc.

Simplify Affiliate Payouts for Shopify

Kutoku for Shopify
0 reviews
Developed by Kutoku Ltd

Grow customers & sales with Kutoku's affiliate partnerships

Letters ‑ 紹介プログラムをノーコードで簡単導入 ‑ for Shopify
Letters ‑ 紹介プログラムをノーコードで簡単導入 ‑
4.6 star
31 reviews
Developed by Letters Inc.


Daisycon Performance Marketing for Shopify
Daisycon Performance Marketing
0 reviews
Developed by Daisycon

Daisycon Performance based affiliate marketing

Parceirando for Shopify
5.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by Parceirando

Gerencie afiliados e centralize as comissões geradas!

eVouch ‑ Grow with Instagram for Shopify
eVouch ‑ Grow with Instagram
4.9 star
26 reviews
Developed by eVouch

Empower Customers: Automate Instagram Story Sharing

Slicr Collaboration Manager for Shopify
Slicr Collaboration Manager
5.0 star
6 reviews
Developed by Slicr

Collaboration Manager for Artists

Famous Finder App for Shopify
Famous Finder App
3.0 star
5 reviews
Developed by H1 Web Development

Identify Celebrities & Influencers Who Order from You

Lefty for Shopify
0 reviews
Developed by Lefty

Stremaline your influencer gifting and affiliation programs

Wobb: Influencer Marketing for Shopify
Wobb: Influencer Marketing
5.0 star
2 reviews
Developed by Wobb

Wobb: Influencer & Affiliate Marketing Platform

Tradedoubler Grow for Shopify
Tradedoubler Grow
2.1 star
3 reviews
Developed by Tradedoubler

Grow affiliate marketing app for Shopify stores

Mega External Links for Shopify
Mega External Links
4.8 star
25 reviews
Developed by Mega Profit Apps

Maximize Sales with Mega External Links | Shopify App

AAA Affiliate Marketing App for Shopify
AAA Affiliate Marketing App
2.6 star
22 reviews
Developed by AAAeCommerce Inc

Best Affiliate & Referral Marketing APP on Shopify.

vwala: Influencer Marketing for Shopify
vwala: Influencer Marketing
4.7 star
28 reviews
Developed by

Create, grow & manage your influencer marketing team

Shop Share Affiliate Marketing for Shopify
Shop Share Affiliate Marketing
5.0 star
3 reviews
Developed by Smart Sell Club

Professional Affiliate Marketing App

goadgo ‑ Affiliate Marketing for Shopify
goadgo ‑ Affiliate Marketing
0 reviews
Developed by goadgo

goadgo: Affiliate Marketing Solution For Your Store

AdScout for Shopify
0 reviews
Developed by AdScout

AdScout - The Trusted Referral Network

Bounty ‑ UGC on autopilot for Shopify
Bounty ‑ UGC on autopilot
4.3 star
6 reviews
Developed by Bounty

Automate UGC and creator marketing on TikTok

Pepperjam for Shopify
2.6 star
2 reviews
Developed by Partnerize

Single destination end-to-end affiliate lifecycle management

Affable Influencer Marketing for Shopify
Affable Influencer Marketing
1.0 star
1 reviews

Activate influencer campaigns in the shortest time.

MyPlaza: Affiliate storefronts for Shopify
MyPlaza: Affiliate storefronts
5.0 star
2 reviews
Developed by ReferRush

Grow your brand and get sales with affiliate storefronts

ReferralPal: Referral & Reward for Shopify
ReferralPal: Referral & Reward
0 reviews
Developed by Devekma

Referral Program with Customized Email Domain & QR codes

Affelios for Shopify
0 reviews
Developed by Affelios Limited

Affelios Shopify Application

Saleshare Affiliatizer for Shopify
Saleshare Affiliatizer
0 reviews

Affiliate marketing made easy

Fusion: Affiliate Marketing for Shopify
Fusion: Affiliate Marketing
3.4 star
5 reviews
Developed by CartBoosters

Professional Affiliate Marketing to get more sales.

Winfluencer for Shopify
5.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by Shams Software

Winfluencer Entegrasyon

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