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FoxKit All‑in‑one Sales Boost for Shopify
FoxKit All‑in‑one Sales Boost
5.0 star
289 reviews
Developed by FOXECOM

Powerful Upsell Cross-sell app to boost Conversion & Sales

Recommended Product – Salesup for Shopify
Recommended Product – Salesup
4.8 star
103 reviews
Developed by Autoketing

Show viewed products and recommended products in the footer.

JustViewed ‑ Recently Products for Shopify
JustViewed ‑ Recently Products
4.9 star
84 reviews
Developed by Prezen Apps

Refresh your buyer’s memory by recommendations of products.

Cross Sell & Upsell Pro for Shopify
Cross Sell & Upsell Pro
4.7 star
291 reviews

Cross Sell & Upsell Recommendations with an Awesome Design

Ultimate Recently Viewed for Shopify
Ultimate Recently Viewed
5.0 star
5 reviews
Developed by Ultimate Apps

The ultimate recently viewed App to boost your Shopify store

TITANPush: Increase your sales for Shopify
TITANPush: Increase your sales
5.0 star
8 reviews
Developed by TITANPush

Increase your e-commerce conversion rate by up to 20%

PersonalizerAI Recommendations for Shopify
PersonalizerAI Recommendations
5.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by Infilimits

Sell more to more customers. Upsell/Cross-sell with Google AI.

Qe Recently Viewed for Shopify
Qe Recently Viewed
4.8 star
33 reviews
Developed by QeApps

Drive conversions by highlighting customer interests

Product Recommendations‑Crafty for Shopify
Product Recommendations‑Crafty
5.0 star
2 reviews
Developed by Etoo Apps

Enhancing Customer Experience Through Product Recommendations

Most Viewed Products for Shopify
Most Viewed Products
5.0 star
7 reviews
Developed by Luke

Display most viewed products in your store

Sticky Tools | 20 apps in one for Shopify
Sticky Tools | 20 apps in one
4.8 star
49 reviews
Developed by Flying Bits

Sales Pop, Sticky Cart, Favorites, Free Shipping Bar & more...

SH • Viewed Products Assistant for Shopify
SH • Viewed Products Assistant
4.8 star
5 reviews
Developed by The Support Heroes

Viewed Products for Shopify

MeroxIO Recent Viewed Products for Shopify
MeroxIO Recent Viewed Products
0 reviews
Developed by MeroxIO IT Solutions

Recently Viewed Products | Enhance Shopify Store Engagement

MLV Recently Viewed Products for Shopify
MLV Recently Viewed Products
3.9 star
30 reviews
Developed by MLVeda

Reduce user's pain to search recently viewed products with app

ReVisit‑Recent Viewed Products for Shopify
ReVisit‑Recent Viewed Products
0 reviews
Developed by Zestard Technologies

Encourage Your Customers to buy Recently Viewed products.

Popular Products on Your Store for Shopify
Popular Products on Your Store
4.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by Zestard Technologies

Cross Sale using the most popular products on your store

LitaCat ‑ ReVisit for Shopify
LitaCat ‑ ReVisit
0 reviews
Developed by litacat

LitaCat - ReVisit: Rediscover Recent Shopify Products

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