Warranties and insurance

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Captain Shipping Protection for Shopify
Captain Shipping Protection
4.8 star
230 reviews
Developed by Captain Insure

Shopify shipping insurance app, Captain Shipping Protection

Route Protection and Tracking for Shopify
Route Protection and Tracking
4.0 star
408 reviews
Developed by RouteApp LLC

Shipping Insurance & Immersive Order Tracking | Route App

Navidium Shipping Protection  for Shopify
Navidium Shipping Protection
4.9 star
317 reviews
Developed by Ecom Propeller

Navidium Shipping Protection Shipping Insurance Alternative

ShipPro... Shipping Protection for Shopify
ShipPro... Shipping Protection
4.9 star
24 reviews
Developed by Monster Apps

Upsell Shipping Order Protection & Package Insurance

Guide Shipping Protection for Shopify
Guide Shipping Protection
4.6 star
98 reviews
Developed by Guide Inc

Package Protection, Order Protection Shipping Insurance Route

Simply Shipping Protection for Shopify
Simply Shipping Protection
4.1 star
131 reviews
Developed by Lucent Innovation

Shipping Protection - Create a self-insured upsell

OrderArmor Shipping Protection for Shopify
OrderArmor Shipping Protection
5.0 star
49 reviews
Developed by Insurifyapp

OrderArmor - Shipping & Order Protection

InsureShield Package Protect for Shopify
InsureShield Package Protect
4.1 star
56 reviews

InsureShield Package Protect

ProtectMyOrder for Shopify
5.0 star
12 reviews
Developed by ProtectMyOrder

Elevate customer confidence & generate additional revenue

Shipping Protection by Corso for Shopify
Shipping Protection by Corso
4.6 star
36 reviews
Developed by Corso

Green Shipping Protection by Corso

Supercart | Drawer & Upsells for Shopify
Supercart | Drawer & Upsells
4.9 star
30 reviews
Developed by ApollosWave, LLC

Supercart | Upsell Cart | Shopify Insurance | Bundles

SureBright ‑ Extended Warranty for Shopify
SureBright ‑ Extended Warranty
5.0 star
11 reviews
Developed by Surebright

Boost revenue, Sell Extended Warranty and Product Protection

Extend Product Protection for Shopify
Extend Product Protection
4.4 star
23 reviews
Developed by Extend

Grow revenue and loyalty with product and shipping protection.

ShipAid ‑ Shipping Guarantee for Shopify
ShipAid ‑ Shipping Guarantee
4.7 star
21 reviews
Developed by ShipAid

ShipAid: Eliminate Order Losses & Convert Extra Revenue

Insureful: Shipping Protection for Shopify
Insureful: Shipping Protection
4.8 star
4 reviews
Developed by Centous Solutions

Insureful: Shipping Protection Shopify App | Insurance App

Mulberry Product Protection for Shopify
Mulberry Product Protection
4.8 star
30 reviews
Developed by Mulberry

Offer customers accident protection and extended warranties

Webkul Warranty Management for Shopify
Webkul Warranty Management
5.0 star
4 reviews

Add Warranty to Products with Ease

Norton Shopping Guarantee for Shopify
Norton Shopping Guarantee
5.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by BuySafe, Inc.

Norton Shopping Guarantee with Package Protection

Protect for Shipments & Causes for Shopify
Protect for Shipments & Causes
5.0 star
8 reviews
Developed by Protect Inc

Protect is the best eCommerce protection app for Shopify!

ShipTection for Shopify
5.0 star
31 reviews
Developed by RevUp Technology

Shipping Protection Platform

CPS Extended Warranty Upsell for Shopify
CPS Extended Warranty Upsell
5.0 star
8 reviews
Developed by CPS

Cross sell extended & accidental warranty plans w/100% profit!

proteger ‑ 安心して買える延長保証サービス for Shopify
proteger ‑ 安心して買える延長保証サービス
5.0 star
18 reviews
Developed by proteger


Shipping Labels & Insurance for Shopify
Shipping Labels & Insurance
0 reviews
Developed by ShipSaver

Huge discounts on shipping labels & insurance

Oyster for Shopify
0 reviews

Offer insurance to your customers with Oyster

WeClaim: Warranty Upsells for Shopify
WeClaim: Warranty Upsells
4.5 star
9 reviews
Developed by Granica

Sell warranties and extended warranties on a Shopify store

Insure Booster for Shopify
Insure Booster
5.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by Shugert Marketing

Grow loyalty with built-in upsells and shipping insurance

Clyde | Warranty Platform for Shopify
Clyde | Warranty Platform
2.7 star
37 reviews
Developed by Cover Genius

Everything you need to make revenue on the sale of...

NTI Delivery Insurance for Shopify
NTI Delivery Insurance
5.0 star
3 reviews
Developed by NTI Limited

Insurance and claims management platform

Anycover Extended Warranty for Shopify
Anycover Extended Warranty
5.0 star
8 reviews
Developed by anycover

Grow your store with an extended warranty program

OrderProtect for Shopify
4.3 star
11 reviews
Developed by Order Protect

Order Protect

PermaPlate FurnitureProtection for Shopify
PermaPlate FurnitureProtection
0 reviews
Developed by PermaPlate

Provide customers valued furniture protection plans.

Astrixify Premium Care for Shopify
Astrixify Premium Care
0 reviews
Developed by Astrixify

Astrixify Premium Care

AfterCart Shipping Protection for Shopify
AfterCart Shipping Protection
5.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by AfterCart Inc.

Flexible shipping protection for merchants.

EmbedX for Shopify
0 reviews
Developed by Perk

Offer insurance and extended warranties to your customers.

Ship‑Safely for Shopify
4.3 star
8 reviews
Developed by Nano Insurance Limited

Global transit insurance to fight Porch Piracy & damaged goods

Mirach Dispute Reducer for Shopify
Mirach Dispute Reducer
0 reviews
Developed by Mirach Apps

Prevent chargebacks – by offering delivery protection options

Surfcare & Snowcare Plans for Shopify
Surfcare & Snowcare Plans
0 reviews
Developed by Surfcare Protection

Provide customers protection plans on surf & snow gear.

Anansi Shipping Insurance for Shopify
Anansi Shipping Insurance
3.7 star
3 reviews
Developed by Anansi

Automated loss & damage insurance covering full retail price.

Delivery Protection for Shopify
Delivery Protection
4.5 star
2 reviews
Developed by Shield Services

Protect your customers from lost, stolen, or damaged orders

PackagePal Shipping Protection for Shopify
PackagePal Shipping Protection
5.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by Caldera LLC

PackagePal In-house Shipping Protection for Shopify Brands

Propair ‑ Furniture Warranty for Shopify
Propair ‑ Furniture Warranty
0 reviews
Developed by Propier

Propair- Furniture Warranty

 ESTS Shipping Insurance for Shopify
ESTS Shipping Insurance
0 reviews
Developed by Expound Coderz Pvt Ltd

Shipping Insurance

Insure Bee for Shopify
Insure Bee
0 reviews
Developed by Netzila Technologies

Add Warranty and Insurance to Products and Additional Revenue

Guardito for Shopify
0 reviews
Developed by StefansWeb

Skip-the-Line and Shipping protection

bolttech Extended Warranty for Shopify
bolttech Extended Warranty
0 reviews
Developed by bolttech

Plug and play extended warranties to unlock additional revenue

SoleSafe: Package Protection  for Shopify
SoleSafe: Package Protection
5.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by SoleSafe Inc

Sneaker insurance and package protection for the community.

OneAssist Protection for Shopify
OneAssist Protection
0 reviews
Developed by OneAssist

Upsell extended warranty & accidental plans & earn profit

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