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Xporter Data Export & Reports for Shopify
Xporter Data Export & Reports
5.0 star
371 reviews
Developed by Modd Apps Inc.

Xporter Data Export & Reports

Facebook Pixel & API ‑ Pixelio for Shopify
Facebook Pixel & API ‑ Pixelio
4.9 star
110 reviews
Developed by Royal Apps

Track & sync multiple Facebook pixel, Conversion api iOS 14

Stape Server GTM for Shopify
Stape Server GTM
4.5 star
7 reviews
Developed by Stape

Set up server-side Google Tag Manager container in a few...

ReplayPRO: Analytics & Replays for Shopify
ReplayPRO: Analytics & Replays
4.7 star
12 reviews
Developed by Shopter.Tech

Gain a complete view of visitor behavior

GroPulse GTM & Data Layer for Shopify
GroPulse GTM & Data Layer
4.8 star
39 reviews
Developed by GroPulse

Install Google Tag Manager, GA4 with full Data Layer support

Kuma: Predictive Marketing for Shopify
Kuma: Predictive Marketing
5.0 star
6 reviews
Developed by Ursa Marketing

Audience Segmentation - Sync with Meta, Klaviyo and Hubspot

Conjura: Profit Analytics for Shopify
Conjura: Profit Analytics
4.6 star
8 reviews
Developed by Conjura

Conjura: Profit Analytics. Track ad spend to SKU level

Taboola Pixel ‑ PIXOO  for Shopify
Taboola Pixel ‑ PIXOO
4.7 star
15 reviews
Developed by Grow Tech

Taboola Pixels Integration - Add Multi Pixels To Your Store

ShopifyQL Notebooks for Shopify
ShopifyQL Notebooks
0 reviews
Developed by Shopify

A new way to explore, visualize and analyze shop data.

Needle for Shopify
0 reviews
Developed by Needle Official

Personalised, AI-powered marketing analytics.

Connectif for Shopify

Personalize your Customer Journey in Real Time Using AI.

Multivende for Shopify
5.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by Multivende

Impulsando el ecommerce omnicanal en Latinoamérica

Banxware Insights for Shopify
Banxware Insights
0 reviews
Developed by Banxware GmbH

Simple insights into your sales performance

FA ‑ Privacy First Analytics for Shopify
FA ‑ Privacy First Analytics
5.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by Exlrate

Integrate Fathom Analytics with easy event tracking

Infilimits Google Search Tools for Shopify
Infilimits Google Search Tools
5.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by Infilimits

Monitor your online store's performance on Google Search.

Conversios Meta Conversion API for Shopify
Conversios Meta Conversion API
0 reviews

Shopify App for Facebook Conversions API and FB pixel

Logify for Shopify
2.9 star
5 reviews
Developed by

Track your shop's activities and admin logs

Drivepoint for Shopify
0 reviews
Developed by Drivepoint

Drivepoint | Strategic Finance for Scaling Brands

ClickPost Returns Plus for Shopify
ClickPost Returns Plus
5.0 star
6 reviews
Developed by Clickpost

ClickPost Returns Plus - Simplify order returns

ergo ‑ Offer Tool & Analytics for Shopify
ergo ‑ Offer Tool & Analytics
5.0 star
6 reviews
Developed by ergo Offers, Inc.

ergo | Shopify app for Pricing Offers & Analytics

Channel Pilot Pro for Shopify
Channel Pilot Pro
3.2 star
2 reviews

Dein Produktdaten Management Tool

HeatMap by Webyze for Shopify
HeatMap by Webyze
0 reviews
Developed by Webyze

Know where your customers click with our powerful HeatMap tool

Alertly for Shopify
5.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by

CVR drop alerts: Email, SMS and Slack

NotFoundBot: Broken Link AI for Shopify
NotFoundBot: Broken Link AI
5.0 star
3 reviews
Developed by NotFoundBot

NotFoundBot: AI for Fixing 404 Errors & Broken Links for Shopify
5.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by Applied AI Inc

Your AI Co-Pilot for Data-Driven Growth

Vaayu Carbon Analyzer for Shopify
Vaayu Carbon Analyzer
0 reviews
Developed by Vaayu

Carbon Calculation and Reduction for Online Retailers.

Crowly: Automated A/B Testing for Shopify
Crowly: Automated A/B Testing
5.0 star
2 reviews
Developed by Gallus Ventures Inc.

Crowly: Automated Conversion Rate Optimization

SEO Metriks All‑in‑One SEO for Shopify
SEO Metriks All‑in‑One SEO
4.8 star
24 reviews
Developed by EXENLABS

SEO Metriks All-in-One Shopify SEO

B2B Sections and tools for Shopify
B2B Sections and tools
0 reviews
Developed by Codesushi LLC

Permalink Generator

Error Tracking with CatchJS for Shopify
Error Tracking with CatchJS
4.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by CatchJS

Know when your store isn't working.

Bluecore Data Central Platform for Shopify
Bluecore Data Central Platform
0 reviews
Developed by

Data Central Platform for merchants

Raygun Crash Reporting for Shopify
Raygun Crash Reporting
0 reviews
Developed by Raygun Limited

Shopify Checkout & Error Monitoring with Raygun

Omnipotent for Shopify
5.0 star
2 reviews
Developed by Initialize Commerce

Copilot for your Shopify store's discounts

Midstream AI for Shopify
Midstream AI
5.0 star
1 reviews
Developed by Midstream AI

Ask questions of your store data using SMS Text

WinifyAds for Shopify
0 reviews
Developed by DevXpertise

WinifyADS: Boost Shopify Sales with UTM Tracking.

ShopGPT: Where data talks back for Shopify
ShopGPT: Where data talks back
0 reviews

ShopGPT: Effortless Sales Insights at Your Fingertip

ProductPeak Analyzer for Shopify
ProductPeak Analyzer
0 reviews
Developed by Technogiq

ProductPeak Analyzer

Tweeker for Shopify
0 reviews
Developed by Tweeker

Simple A/B testing and multivariate testing

Matau: Data you can speak with for Shopify
Matau: Data you can speak with
0 reviews
Developed by Matau Tech LTD

Matau: Data You Can Speak With.

Locale for Shopify
0 reviews
Developed by Locale

Locale Shopify Connector

Twinny for Shopify
0 reviews
Developed by Twinny

Unleash Business Insights with SocialCommerce

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