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May 24, 2018

Not sure where all the good reviews come from? Some major flaws: 1 - doesn't work when searching on postcode in Australia, works on suburb name only 2- no "reset" or "clear" results button. So you can never go back to seeing the entire map/list again?? 3 - no way to sort how items are displayed in the list? Seems to be a random order. Can't find any info in help on this either. 4 - mobile view issue - when viewing on a mobile and a user taps on a location on the map to see the details of the store, the "Map" and "Satellite" buttons overlap the name of the store and half of the address too, making it kind of useless. 5 - support was pretty bad, and after a few requests that were met with out of the textbook, completely unhelpful suggestions, they stopped answering. Wouldn't recommend.

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