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April 12, 2020

Good app, everything easy and automated, and cheaper than others similar apps, just don't understand few things. I got the free plan (3 cent per img) and I've deactivated the automatic optimization just to study a strategy but when I've opened the app again I found a 3$ charge for an optimization that I didn't run, ok...I've checked what the app did, 125 images optimized, 3$ so probably 25 img didn't run a full optimization so they didn't charged as I read in the FAQ, but where are the 50 free optimizations?and is there a way to check the product img filename?

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Thanks for the review! As you picked the "Pay as you go" plan, you got 50 free optimizations and optimized 125 images. So we charged you 3 USD and added 100 credits to your account. And you can view the optimized filename on the optimized segment by clicking "Details". The whole information is there! ~ Julia