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Feb. 18, 2023

Hi Thank you for all the help today. AutoDS is fantastic. I honestly cannot stress enough how much I love it. The customer services is second to none, it's the most pro-active I have ever experienced. I am only on a trial period but I will absolutely be hopping on board. I enjoy writing poems, i hope you's don't mind. i have one for Rizza! In moments of trouble, when help was needed, And answers were few, and stress exceeded, I found a bright spot, a guiding light, In Rizza's kind words, her strength and might. Her friendly manner, her patience, and care, All helped me to find the way to repair The problems I faced and all the rest, though it seemed daunting, she gave me her best. With her guidance, my troubles were solved, And a weight was lifted, my problems dissolved. Rizza's expertise, her knowledge, her grace, Helped me to find my footing and stay in the race. So I take this moment to say thank you,To Rizza, I'm grateful for all that she's done, And for her kindness, which has certainly shone!! Thank You Rizza!

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Hi "Cowan Home Furnishing"! We’re thrilled that you were satisfied with our services. Your feedback is appreciated! We will pass the word to Rizza Jean and our customer service team to let them know you enjoy working with them. They are always here to solve any of your problems! Please feel free to contact us again if you need more help 🙂 Thanks again for supporting our business. AutoDS Team