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June 4, 2021

The idea of this company is great. Definitely an excellent way to get a clothing line off the ground for little to no money. Two complaints about the app though: 1. There seems to be no order in which shipments will go out. You would think they released orders chronologically (orders that were placed first were also shipped first—not the case!) 2. (The biggest one for me) This company seems to have major issues maintaining adequate inventory of the garments. Frequently I will have customers place orders only to get an email from Apliiq that the product is out of stock (at which point they will suggest an alternative option—many times in a totally different color. If the customer wants a black hat, no a purple hat will not suffice). I would say this happens on about 25% of my orders. Far too high to just brush off as a “sometimes” or “occasional” problem. I asked Apliiq to be updated on inventory status of items that are in my store, so I could make products available accordingly, and they said this is something they cannot do. Very frustrating. Summary being, I like everything about this company a lot. The quality is there. If they could just hold more inventory and release orders chronologically it would be perfect!

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Hey Team Nejbauer, Thank you so much for the insightful review. We do want to acknowledge that the supply chain for garments has been more challenging than ever before. Also want to note that we haven't been sitting on our hands about the problem, we have been busy helping to improve the supply chain and are stocking more inventory now than ever before and we will continue to increase inventory levels where appropriate to reduce production turn times and out of stock situations. Appreciate your patience!