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May 29, 2023

Spark advertised the app could integrate with our supplier and included a predefined integration option which was meant to be straightforward. After 9 weeks of going back and forward with Spark it became evident that they provided completely missleading information about integrating with our supplier and made excuse after excuse as to why it couldnt work. They placed blame on our supplier, when in fact it was their software that was never configured to work - they were even using older API v5 calls, instead of v6 - they eventualy upgraded their connectivity to v6 to then find other aspects of their software integration was not compataible. I eventually decided to outsource the API integration to a company in Europe and they had everything up and running in 2 weeks built from the ground up, and the cost was equivelent to 6 months of their $249 per month fee!!!! Support couldnt care less if you were uip and running or not, they only started to slightly help more once I asked for a refund.

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