Welcome to AppNavigator! We are a platform that collects data from the Shopify App Store over time, allowing you to explore changes in different apps, review counts, and more. While the data we provide may be up to 24 hours out of date compared to the App Store, our platform offers valuable insights into historical rankings, review counts for individual apps, and a summary of Shopify App Reviews.

What does the "time spent using app" box mean?

The "time spent using app" refers to how long a store had been using the app before leaving a review. Please note that not all reviews on the Shopify App Store provide this information. When analyzing this data, it's essential to consider that if an app can deliver immediate value to customers, you might see a significant number of reviews right from the start. However, a high number of reviews could also indicate that the app incentivizes users to leave reviews to unlock additional functionality. On the other hand, if you come across reviews from users who have been using the app for a long time, it indicates a strong and consistently valuable app for merchants.

How can I get an RSS feed of Shopify App Store reviews?

You can get an RSS feed of Shopify App Store reviews by clicking on the "Review RSS Feed" link at the bottom of the "Rating Breakdown" section on the app page. This will open up the URL to the RSS feed which you can then subscribe to in your preferred RSS reader.

The RSS feed will include the last 100 reviews for an app and is updated several times a day.

How are category rankings determined?

Apps on the Shopify App Store can belong to multiple categories. At AppNavigator, we track the rankings within each category over time and display them in the chart.

How are overall rankings determined?

Besides category rankings, we calculate an overall ranking, which is not provided by the Shopify App Store itself. To determine the overall ranking, we analyze and merge the rankings from different categories and subcategories. This allows us to create an overall ranking of all the apps.

What is included in the reviews summary?

In our reviews summary, we gather the most recent reviews for an app and aim to provide a condensed overview of highlights and noteworthy points. We extract key information to help merchants identify any important aspects or potential considerations when evaluating an app.

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