Bulk Cancel & Delete Order MAi for Shopify

Bulk Cancel & Delete Order MAi

Bulk Cancel or Delete Your Orders Easy Using Search &...







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The reviews for this Shopify app are mixed, with some users experiencing issues with the functionality of the app while others praise its effectiveness. One common complaint is that the app does not work as expected, with users encountering errors when trying to sync orders or delete them. There is also confusion around the subscription model, as some users found that certain features required a paid subscription despite the app details page stating it was free. On the positive side, there is a 5-star review that highlights the app's recent updates and improvements, praising its simplicity and effectiveness in bulk canceling orders to combat spam. The reviewer suggests that with some enhancements to the user interface and search functionality, the app could be even more valuable for merchants.


Functionality issues and errors
Subscription confusion
Effectiveness in bulk order cancellation
Positive feedback on recent updates and improvements
Potential for further enhancements in user interface and search functionality

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