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Deliverr, a Shopify App, has received mixed reviews from ecommerce merchants. On the positive side, some merchants have praised the company for its competitive prices, fast shipping, and the ability to compete with larger merchants. They appreciate the cost savings and convenience of using Deliverr as a 3PL partner. However, there are also negative aspects mentioned in the reviews. Many merchants complain about poor customer support, including the lack of phone or chat support and slow response times to tickets. Some merchants have experienced issues with lost or damaged inventory, incorrect tags, and delays in order fulfillment. There are also concerns about the accuracy of the backend dashboard and difficulties in resolving issues with long-term storage fees. Overall, while Deliverr offers some benefits for smaller merchants, there are areas that need improvement in terms of customer support and inventory management.


competitive prices
fast shipping
poor customer support
inventory issues
long-term storage fees

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