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The Banmaerp app has received mixed reviews from users. Positive feedback includes its seamless integration with Shopify, ease of installation and use, and powerful Shopify order messaging capabilities. Users appreciate the ability to batch up and down products, which has increased productivity. On the other hand, negative aspects highlighted by users include the high cost of the app, particularly the pricing structure based on unfulfilled orders synced. Users find it expensive and inconvenient, especially for businesses with multiple warehouses. The app's spammy nature, with constant prompts to buy more and limitations on refunds, has also been a point of frustration for some users. Despite these drawbacks, users acknowledge the helpful and responsive support provided by the app. Some users also mention that they prefer DIanxiaomi over Banmaerp due to limitations in connecting with multiple suppliers.


Seamless integration with Shopify and ease of use
High cost and pricing structure based on unfulfilled orders synced
Spammy nature of the app with constant prompts to buy more
Limitations on refunds and payment plans
Preference for other apps due to connectivity limitations

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July 13, 2023

We are already banmaerp users and this links seamlessly with Shopify. Easy to install, easy to use and powerful enough. The app offers best-in-class Shopify order messaging, allowing us to process orders efficiently and accurately. The ability to batch up and down products has greatly increased productivity.



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Dec. 21, 2022

Very expensive app. It charges you per unfulfilled order synced. If you have several warehouses like ours and only want to fulfill orders from one location, you will need to pay for everything. Imagine your store gets 10000 orders monthly, but you only need to ship 500 from a certain location using Banma (another warehouse will fulfill the other orders without Banma). You will pay for all 10000 orders. It would be better to pay per order shipped, not synced. It is extremely spammy. If you run out of orders, the app becomes unusable. An annoying popup asking you to buy more will prompt on EVERY page, and you cannot close it for 10 seconds. Also, no refunds are given unless a critical failure in the platform interrupts operation. Considering medium/large plans, you can only pay yearly, this is not reassuring. At least the support was helpful and responsive. DIanxiaomi is better. It is a pity you can only connect with one supplier.

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Developer Reply

We are very sorry for the trouble caused by the pricing model. Banma erp charges only by quantity (not by function, store etc.) Users can purchase different quantities of VIP packages according to their business scale, which is a balance between the interests of new sellers and large buyers. Therefore, we are very sorry that we will not change the price model to match your needs. Banma erp support multi warehouse management and order processing. Processing all orders through the same erp is the best way to use it. Only in this way can erp provide you with more comprehensive data analysis and more accurate profit accounting.

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