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June 5, 2019

I really enjoy this app now that I have it set up correctly. I love these motivating tools and enjoy how easy this is to set up. It was up and running in minutes. My first settings were "push the page down and scroll down the page" but it always loaded a second or two after the rest of the page, making the page jerk suddenly. If a customer (or me, in my testing) was trying to click a link, the jerk would make you miss your link and sometimes even click a link you didn't want. I fixed this very easily by turning on the announcement bar inside my theme using the same text as the Free Shipping Bar. I changed Free Shipping Bar setting to "cover the top of the page and scroll with the page" (I'm aware my wordings are approximate). Now, the theme announcement bar loads with the page with my free shipping message. The Free Shipping Bar loads a second later without making the page jerk, simply covering up the theme announcement bar. It's a great app and I'm only putting this info here in case someone else finds it useful. Very thankful for this app. Go team!

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Hextom: Free Shipping Bar
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