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Overall, this app has received mixed reviews from users. On the positive side, many users found the installation and usage process to be easy and seamless. Additionally, the page layout in the iOS app was highly praised for its aesthetics. However, there were some negative aspects mentioned by users. One user reported an issue where customers were unable to checkout when attempting to make a purchase. They reached out to customer service for assistance but did not receive a response. Another user expressed frustration with the app's requirement of selling only products that are handmade with a legal brand or trademark. This limitation was not clearly stated in the app's description, causing disappointment and wasted time for the user who primarily sells fashion handmade jewelry that doesn't sell well online.


Easy installation and usage
Aesthetically pleasing page layout in iOS app
Issue with checkout functionality
Lack of customer service response
Limitation on selling non-handmade products

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5 / 5 Share

June 1, 2023

Installing and using this app was a breeze. Plus our page layout in their iOS app is really nice. It was exactly what I was looking for!

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About 1 year

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3 / 5 Share

Oct. 4, 2022

I was able to connect, however if customers attempt to purchase they're unable to checkout.. I reached out to customer service and haven't received a response as of yet.

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About 1 month

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2 / 5 Share

July 1, 2022

They should make it plain in this statement that you must make what you sell and have a legal brand or trademark. That does not fly well most shopify sellers dropshi] from other manufactures or stores.. was looking forward to it but all I make if fashion handmade jewelry which doesn't sell well online. Thanks for the wasted time filling out all the paperwork.

Using app

2 days

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Developer Reply

Hello Jeff, I understand your disappointment. However, this is not true. In the very first step of the onboarding process. We made sure merchants enter the brand name and accept that "I certify that I and/or my company owns the brand trademark.". You read and agreed to it. You also acknowledged the requirements as you mentioned in the email. You asked for special treatment but we cannot provide. You are one of those online reviewers who provides untrustworthy reviews that inspired us to create this social commerce app for authenticity (products, sources of products, users' reviews). Thank you for providing here the first example of why this app exists. Best, Imma Support Team

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