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Sprk™ app provides local businesses using Shopify POS with insights into store performance, enabling better decision-making based on data. Designed for small business owners, it offers actionable insights in sales data and is easy to set up in less than 5 minutes.

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Sept. 10, 2022

I'm not a numbers person, but I started using this dashboard app and I can't believe how much it changed the way I run my bakery! It was surprisingly easy to set up, including adding it to my phone so I have easy access to it. I love seeing all my bake shop's sales in the dashboard, including DoorDash, GrubHub and online orders. I haven't found any other app that does this. The sales forecast is really helpful. I can see the projections for the rest of the day and for the next week. I use it to plan employee breaks, staffing levels and how much product to produce each day. There's so much more than I'm just starting to use, like the heatmaps and trends charts. The best part is they have best practices guides on their website that explain how to use these charts for things like picking the best store hours and increasing your order size. The Shopify dashboard and the other ones I tried just show a bunch of numbers, but this one actually helps me manage my business better. I'm so glad I found it!

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