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The reviews for this Shopify App are generally positive, with users praising its speed and effectiveness. However, there are some suggestions for improvement, such as adding features like setting a specific word count for blog posts, automatically adding hashtags based on keywords, and the ability to push blogs to Meta with images, text, and hashtags. Users also mention the importance of being able to import stock images directly from Shopify Burst. Overall, users are impressed with the app's ability to create useful content for ecommerce products, with impressive title suggestions and fast article creation. While the AI is not always perfect, it greatly helps improve productivity and accelerate content strategies for blogs.

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Jan. 30, 2023

1st use… While it’s very fast and effective it still needs a little touch of editing before posting. It seems to be missing some features that most Ai content writers have that would make this killer! 1) blog length. Set number of words. 2) adding the hashtags based on keywords. 3) being able to push the blog to Meta with image, text and hashtags. 4) ticktock as it will be a bigger force in e-commerce. 5) wish list, be able yo import stock images directly from Shopify Burst. I’m impressed so far, and looking forward to seeing this app grow. Mike

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About 1 month

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5 / 5 Share

Jan. 18, 2023

Very useful creating useful content of your ecommerce products with images, links, title tags, metadesc, Hx ... Impressive title suggestions and the speed with which you create quality articles! It is always advisable to review it before publishing, the AI is not always perfect, but it certainly helps a lot to improve the productivity and accelerate the content strategy of your blog.

Using app

About 12 hours

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