DIY Tax Exempt Checkout for Shopify

DIY Tax Exempt Checkout

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The reviews for this Shopify App are mixed, with some users experiencing issues with the functionality of the app, such as tax being occasionally applied at checkout despite selecting without tax. There are also complaints about the lack of responsiveness on mobile devices and compatibility issues with certain browsers. On the positive side, some users have praised the swift resolution of issues by the support team and the overall benefits of the app in streamlining the checkout process and saving time. Overall, the app seems to have potential but needs improvements in certain areas to provide a better user experience.


Issues with functionality and responsiveness
Swift resolution of issues by support team
Benefits of streamlining checkout process
Compatibility issues with browsers
Potential for improvement

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June 29, 2024

UPDATE: Decreased from 5 to 2 stars App no longer works properly and has been disabled. Despite selecting without tax, tax is occasionally applied at checkout. Support is no longer interested in replying to resolve issues. UPDATE: Increased from 4 to 5 stars Request no.2 in my previous review update was implemented very swiftly and is working well. Thank you team. UPDATE: Increased from 3 to 4 stars The problems below were resolved swiftly. I am waiting for the implementation of the following feature requests which are fundamental to my business. Once enabled, this APP will be getting 5 stars 1. Having no pre-selection on the options 2. Having the "without VAT" option as a preselected default. -- Seems to be working ok on Chrome PC but the form does not have a responsive design on mobile. I have also noticed that the form can be ignored on the Safari browser on mac OS (works ok on iOS). Meaning, that customers can go through to checkout without entering the required form details. Please can somebody get in touch with me to make the form appear responsively on the mobile cart page (Debut theme used) and the debugging of the form on the Safari browser?

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7 months

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1. There isn't qn open support ticket reporting an issue that surfaces in this review. The last support ticket received from this merchant was received on May 2 and responded to 1-hour later. 2. The merchant is using a deprecated theme that is not supported by Shopify. The app requirements clearly state that the app requires the use of a theme using Shopify's Online Store 2.0 architecture, which this store does not. 3. The root cause of this merchant's issue is most likely related to the use of a theme architecture that Shopify has deprecated. 4. Although the merchant fails to meet the minimum requirements for the installation of the app, Eniture Technology would investigate the case and promptly provide a response if the merchant opened a support case and provide the details required to conduct an investigation.

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Oct. 5, 2022

We have needed this application for many years and can now finally add it to our checkout process. The install was seamless and will ultimately save us numerous man hours and increase our ROI by not missing out on any orders after hours.

Using app

11 months

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Thank you for your review. We're delighted that you found the installation seamless and that it will provide so much benefit to you!

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