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2 / 5

July 17, 2014

I've been using this app for several months to good effect, it's a great addition to my shop. Over a week ago the upload function ceased to work and I contacted the developer, who to his credit immediately responded that he was out of the office and would look into to it. Again, he followed up the next day to say he was working on it. I replied to say that my major problem is time limited as I am running a competition and was using the gallery for participants to upload photographs of what they had made with items from my store. I have emailed the developer several times and the competition ends tomorrow and I still have do not have Action Shots working. In fact I have had nothing but silence from the developer who will not answer my emails. Fortunately I have been quick thinking and come up with an alternative away from my Shopify shop but I have been left embarrassed. The excuse of "the developer is working to fix this" worn thin. Technology does strange things, sometimes things work perfectly, sometimes things don't go right, I understand that. But customer service is paramount and it has been extraordinary lacking here and that is what is the most frustrating about this. I have already notified the developer that I will be leaving a negative review. Once again, I was meeted with silence. The two stars reflects that when this app works, it works well.

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