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Jan. 9, 2016

Abandonment Protector is the one paid app I would tell every Shopify store owner to get. If you're getting any sales at all, you probably have many more people abandoning their carts. This app will recover some of those lost sales. Very easy to set up and get working for you and should easily pay for itself many times over. I am on the $79 a month Shopify plan, which includes the cart recovery feature, yet I still use Abandonment Protector because I find both methods recover lots of sales. Yes, I have both running. AP emails people a few minutes after they abandon their cart, then Shopify several hours later. The email messages are different so some people will respond better to one than the other. Another cool thing about AP is that it will even email people who abandoned their cart days or weeks before you installed the app. The Shopify abandonment feature does NOT do this; it just emails people who abandon the cart after you activate that feature. In my case there were 100 or so people that Shopify didn't email for that reason, yet AP did.

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