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2 / 5

Sept. 29, 2023

Great customer service through the chat feature however the app is clunky. I would expect seamless, instant transactions considering it is owned by Intuit. Not recommended because it has lots of bugs. I had what support called "unknown errors" and orders that just didn't sync at all without warning or error messages despite the big green checkmark showing everything was working. An app like this needs to be 100% reliable once set up properly. Just a few of the many bugs: Sync is extremely delayed. Can't set up customer payment terms to match shopify. Can't manually re-sync an order. Any changes on the Shopify order side are not re-synced.

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Hi Dalla Terra, thank you for trying out our app and providing this feedback. We have reviewed your chat interactions with us and we're sorry to say we cannot find any mentions of "unknown errors". For the vast majority of data that didn't sync without alerts, these are usually due to configuration mishaps. E.g. You may have ticked a specific filter. Please get in touch with our team via [email protected], and we can help deep dive into any missing orders promptly. With regards to customer payment terms, yes it is true our app does not handle this matching. Our team are exploring this feature, however so far we have found that most B2C businesses do not require payment terms matching, or require incredibly specific custom rules which we currently cannot support. As for re-syncing an order or syncing ongoing changes to the Shopify order, many of these limitations are tied directly to your QuickBooks. For example, you cannot amend line items on a paid invoice/receipt within QuickBooks.

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