Advanced Cash on Delivery for Shopify

Advanced Cash on Delivery

Control how buyers use COD on your store (India only)

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The reviews for the Advanced Cash on Delivery Shopify app highlight several recurring issues faced by users. Customers have reported problems with the app not functioning as intended, such as the COD option not showing up, incorrect charges being displayed, and orders not being restricted based on set limits. Users have also expressed frustration with the lack of support and responsiveness from both the app developers and Shopify. On the positive side, some users have found the app useful when it works correctly and helps with COD orders. However, the overall sentiment is negative due to the app's unreliability and the financial losses incurred by merchants.


Issues with COD option not showing up, incorrect charges, and order restrictions
Lack of support and responsiveness from developers and Shopify
Positive feedback on the app's usefulness for COD orders when functioning correctly
Financial losses incurred by merchants
Mixed opinions on the app's performance and functionality

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