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The reviews for the Pirate Ship Shopify App are mixed, with both positive and negative aspects highlighted by users. Positive feedback includes the app being user-friendly, offering great shipping rates, and having excellent customer service. Users appreciate the cost-saving benefits, ease of use, and the ability to integrate with different ecommerce platforms. However, negative feedback revolves around issues such as slow label generation, limitations for non-USA users, challenges with insurance claims, and difficulties with certain shipping options like Priority Mail. Some users also mentioned concerns about the app's impact on Amazon sellers and the lack of support for UK-based stores.


Mixed feedback with positive comments on user-friendliness and cost-saving benefits
Challenges with insurance claims and limitations for non-USA users
Issues with certain shipping options like Priority Mail and concerns about impact on Amazon sellers
Positive feedback on customer service and ease of use
App integration with different ecommerce platforms

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April 18, 2024

Terrible for scale. Never use if your'e an Amazon seller. They send automated messages even after we disabled it, their support is no help. It's risking getting our high volume business banned on amazon and has hurt our customer service. Their customer service actually used be good, now it's outsourced garbage.

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Dec. 19, 2023

App doesn't allow stores that are shipping from the United Kingdom.

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8 minutes

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Oct. 24, 2023

i am not get the point regarding this app, i entered same dimensions and weight as in shopify default shipping service. UPS was a little cheaper in Pirate app , Priority USPS is same 1in1, usps is the same or even higher cost. BUT this app has $100 insurance while shopify has $200 + , and according to another review it is very difficult to get ant reimbursement from insurance from this app. + interface is tricky, need to spend more time to process the shipment. hmm. not sure maybe sometimes it will be cheaper but 1 insurance claim will make this not reasonable. will play with it around more... if you have basic plan in shopify maybe this will be a solution. if pro plan - it will be not reasonable

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July 14, 2023

I have been using Pirateship for3 years now and it has saved me a lot of money. I have tried other shipping alternatives and i always came back to Pirateship. I am glad they added UPS shipping.

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Almost 3 years

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Jan. 21, 2024

If you use it wisely it can benefit you greatly but you must monitor what is happening always. They do have very good usps & ups rates. Holiday surges can be a bit much. Insurance (shipsurance) is in added choice but shipsurance company can be very difficult to deal with once we go above anything that is $200 in value. They have a very long list of regulations (all responsibility is solely on seller!) and pirateship have not guided us very well. You MUST make sure to know all the regulations if you would like to insure something of great value as shipsurance will try to find the smallest of reasons why not to pay (even if you did an amazing packaging job and it is evident UPS is at fault). I cannot repeat this enough! Another point to be on the lookout for is "label cost adjustment", especially with UPS, it took me a good while to understand that even post delivery UPS sends some package measurement & weight adjustments that are wrong and you will be automatically charged more. We have very specific box dimensions and ups keeps claiming the dimensions are different than those we carry and we have to dispute the "adjustments" on a regular. You can see that in your "reports" section. make sure to monitor it. Make sure you know what is needed also for small claims up to $100, they are good with those for lost mail, damaged mail, etc. Never had an issue with them and pirateship team has been helpful with that. All in all it is a fair service but not for anything that is above $200 and you must always monitor the label cost adjustments weekly. Hope this helps others. Update: so for a while I was thinking to change my review for the better since the rates were much better and $100 coverage of items was included in basic shipping and also UPS was added as an option, was really "smooth sailing" Arrrrrrhhh....no issues for a long while until a package was damaged, previously I filed claims and the ones under $100 coverage were easy to settle. Have not filed a claim in a very very long time. I submitted everything that is required and did it with the system not with the agents, the claim was not being processed (I already send a replacement to my customer because we take care of our customers promptly) so I contacted an agent who told me it is 1-2 weeks for processing a claim (meaning to get an initial response not approval). I now understood that shipsurance in not the only problem, it is pirateship too, and I will explain. The customers are require to hold on to all the packaging and damaged items because after a few weeks they come up with requests that should have been cared for upon happening, obviously it is an issue but those are the policies so you cannot argue about it, by delaying the process of the claim there are less chances for the claim to be approved and we end up disturbing our customers. Also, I work with other 3 party services that resolve any issues within no time. So the agent was rude, and when I told him that in the past it was not like this with pirate ship and that I cannot work with 1-2 weeks for processing a simple claim and that other companies offer better services so I will have to choose them for these complication he replied that he was "happy to help" and sent a smiley emoji. I was shipping mostly with pirateship but since the support for customers is an issue when an actual problem occurs I will have to stop, too bad, I really liked using their services, but occasionally there are issues and support is needed. We too offer it to our customers but with pleasure.

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