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Swatches Dotify for Shopify
Swatches Dotify
4.5 star
169 reviews

Swatches App - Add Color Swatches to your Shopify variants

Product Colors Linkify for Shopify
Product Colors Linkify
4.4 star
91 reviews

Product Colors - Shopify Swatches App to link Product Colors

Live Preview Options by Webyze for Shopify
Live Preview Options by Webyze
4.7 star
48 reviews

Add Unlimited Customization Fields to your Shopify Products.

Live Theme Editor for Shopify
Live Theme Editor
4.4 star
16 reviews

Adjust and customize any element of your theme intuitively!

Bulk Edit by Webyze for Shopify
Bulk Edit by Webyze
2.4 star
13 reviews

Make bulk edits on hundreds of products in just few...

Follow for Discounts by Webyze for Shopify
Follow for Discounts by Webyze
2.4 star
9 reviews

Let your customers get discounts by Liking your Facebook Page!

Content Protection by Webyze for Shopify
Content Protection by Webyze
4.6 star
7 reviews

Content Protection - Shopify App for Text and Images

HeatMap by Webyze for Shopify
HeatMap by Webyze
1.2 star
5 reviews

Know where your customers click with our powerful HeatMap tool

Floating Widgets for Shopify
Floating Widgets
4.3 star
4 reviews

Add unlimited floating widgets to your store: banners, images.

Feedback Button for Shopify
Feedback Button
1.3 star
3 reviews

Add a Feedback button to your store and get precious...

Hello Announcements for Shopify
Hello Announcements
5.0 star
3 reviews

Welcome your customers, Give them offers and Get more sales.

Orders Map for Shopify
Orders Map
4.4 star
3 reviews

View Orders on a Map to know who are your...

Speed Optimization Analyzer for Shopify
Speed Optimization Analyzer
1.0 star
2 reviews

Speed Optimization Analyzer - Shopify App to improve speed

Central Admin by Webyze for Shopify
Central Admin by Webyze
5.0 star
1 reviews

Manage multiple stores in one admin. Overview of your stores..

Thank You Coupon for Shopify
Thank You Coupon
0 reviews

Boost your customer retention by offering coupons!

Europe Cookie Notice by Webyze for Shopify
Europe Cookie Notice by Webyze
0 reviews

Get compliant with the European Cookie Law by adding a...

InstaPictures for Shopify
0 reviews

Display your Instagram Pictures in your store.