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The reviews for this Shopify App are mixed, with both positive and negative aspects mentioned. On the positive side, users appreciate the ease of finding and inviting influencers to collaborate with their business. They also find it simple to create and allocate discount codes and commission deals, as well as pay commissions to influencers. Users also like the ability to create bespoke product offers or gifts for each partner. However, there are several negative aspects mentioned. Some users have experienced issues with sales not being properly attributed to influencers, resulting in lower and inaccurate commissions. There are also complaints about poor customization options, recurring issues with verifying social accounts during the application process, and a lack of resources for troubleshooting. Additionally, some users have encountered problems with fake applicants and a lack of accountability from influencers in promoting the products. Overall, while the app has potential, there are areas that need improvement to provide a better user experience.


Ease of finding and inviting influencers
Simple creation and allocation of discount codes and commission deals
Ability to create bespoke product offers or gifts for each partner
Issues with sales attribution and inaccurate commissions
Poor customization options and lack of resources for troubleshooting

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